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Thursday, May 26th 



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All School News 

Student Last Week Reminders: 

  • Finals are May 24-26.  Finals schedules are posted throughout the building.  You are expected to be on time for final exams so please be responsible.  You only need to be at school for your finals so read the schedule carefully. 
  • All building lockers are expected to be emptied out by the end of the day.  We will not store unclaimed or left items over the summer.   
  • Elevator keys must be returned to the main office by May 26th.   
  • Laptop computers MUST be turned in to your teachers at the conclusion of your last final next week.  Teachers will have instructions for you.  
  • All textbooks, reading books, uniforms, equipment, locks, and any other school property must be turned into teachers, coaches, and advisors before you leave for the summer.  Fines will be assessed for school property not turned in.    


Attention WDT Summer Class students: Get your textbooks checked out from the library ASAP. 


Attention all COBBLERS! This year has been tough in covering all our classes with substitute teachers. Once in a blue moon K’Pow recognizes someone out of the ordinary (remember the pi-rates in ‘17). We would like to recognize teachers in general and two people who have held Central High School together with creative substitute management. Please join K’Pow in recognizing Sub Wranglers (Clerical) JESSICA KELLY AND MISTY BRINKMAN! Yaaaaaaayyyyyy! 


Urgent: attention CHS Cobblers, this is the last week to order your 2022 yearbook…Deadline 5-27-2022 Get it done today…   


From the Cobbler Career Center  

Sophomores and Juniors – Check your student email! If you received an email from Jeanette about an academic letter or pin, please stop in the CCC and pick it up from Jeanette. 


High school students looking for a way to earn some cash while exploring careers? The Passport to Career summer series will have virtual and in-person career workshops for people ages 14-24. Each in-person session will include a tour and industry presentation and will focus on different career paths to include construction, public service, healthcare, hospitality, etc. Virtual sessions will include tips on social media presence, financial literacy, job search skills, interviewing, and more! Lunch and the potential to earn money are included in attending the full in-person sessions (4 hours long).  For more information and to register, please pick up flyers in the Cobbler Career Center. 


Activities Upcoming: 

Monday: Choir, Orchestra, Band, and Drama Fine Arts Awards at CHS Theater @ 6pm 

Tuesday: Varsity Girls Golf vs Douglas at Prairie Ridge Golf Course @ 3pm 

Thursday: Varsity Track vs Sioux Falls at Howard Wood @ TBD 

Varsity Girls JV Tournament vs Douglas at Prairie Ridge Golf Course @ 9am 

Varsity Girls Golf Tournament vs Rapid City @ Elks Golf Course @ 3:30pm 

Drama: Epiphany Awards at CHS Theater @ 6pm 

Friday: Varsity Track Championship vs Sioux Falls at Howard Wood @ 9am 

Varsity Girls Golf Tournament at Meadowbrook Golf Course @ 3:30pm 

Saturday: Varsity Track vs Sioux Falls at Howard Wood @ 9am  


Quote of the Week: “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”