Live Group Chat with the Cobbler Career Center during Level 3!

Monday and Wednesday’s, come chat with us, ask questions, and get organized for level 3.

Join Zoom between 11:30AM-12:30PM to meet with a school counselor!


Food Pick Up During Level 3:

Meals (breakfast and lunch) are available for pick-up on Mondays only at the following locations.  Students will receive up to 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches while these schools are in Level 3. Students may go to any site! See below:

Monday Meal Schedule (starts Nov. 9th)

Central High School – 8:00-9:00AM

General Beadle School – 9:00-10:00AM

East Middle School – 1:30-2:30PM

South Middle School – 1:30-2:30PM


Have a question for our team? Email us! We are here to help. 

Jenny Griffin, Alpha A-G,

Rani Mitchell, Alpha H-P,

Carrisa Matz, Alpha Q-Z, 

Ashley EvansSchool Social Worker,