~Upcoming Events~
AP Exams begin next week–good luck!
ACT Recognition Breakfast
If you rec’d a 24+ on your ACT you will be receiving an invitation to breakfast in the Central Perk on Wednesday, May 4th @ 745am.
Senior Honors/Awards Night ​​
Monday, May 9th @ 630pm Theatre
Invitations have been sent! Please return your green scholarship forms to the CCC by May 2nd.
Hop a bus and don your cap/gown as we travel to elementary/middle schools to get the younger kids excited about graduation!
Friday, May 20th Block 1–Sign up in the CCC.
Senior Superlative Voting will BEGIN on May 4th and END on May18th. Pick up and return ballots to the CCC.
Senior Breakfast/Graduation Rehearsal
Friday, May 27th 8:30/10am
Per Mr. Talley: Traditional beading of graduation caps is allowed.  Graduation caps and gowns are not to be altered or decorated in any other way.