Greetings Sophomores!

I hope your 2023 is off to a productive start. February is a month commonly associated with loving others, but I want to challenge you to recognize the things you love about yourself and find gratitude in your own growth.  

We are only two weeks into the second semester, but this year will go by quickly!  Do your best to stay up to speed with homework and avoid missing assignments.  It will be easier to stay ahead of things now, rather than trying to play catch up in 1-2 months from now.

Remember – RTI morning help is available!  You can schedule time to come in before school to get extra help from 7:30-8:15am. 

Interested in tutoring help outside of school?

Dakota Dreams Tutoring (brochure attached)

This is FREE online tutoring from SD university students. Super helpful!

  • Mon. Feb. 20 – NO SCHOOL (Presidents Day) 

For other school activities, check out the Activities page – Rapid City Central Cobblers Calendar – Rapid City Central Cobblers – Rapid City, SD (

Are you looking for a summer job?  

If so, please come to the CHS annual Job Fair.  This will be held Wednesday, Feb. 22nd from 11:30-1:45 (all lunches) in the Commons hallway.  Many eager employers will be here!  Check out the flyer attached in this email for more information and scan the QR code for a list of employers who will be in attendance.



During your junior and senior year of high school you will have the opportunity to take college level classes for both high school and college credit.  This includes all South Dakota colleges, universities, and technical schools.  To keep your eligibility open to take advantage of having college classes while in high school, make sure to keep your grades up this year! 

Your monthly self-care reminder: 

Self-Love/Care looks different for everyone.  Look at the circle below and think about which area you need to show yourself more love in.  Is it how you talk to yourself in your own mind?  Is it setting boundaries or new goals for yourself?  Maybe you need to practice new coping skills when things get tough?  

These are all things that only YOU can do for yourself.  How can YOU show yourself some love this month?