Dear Sophomores

The focus of this month’s newsletter is REGISTRATION! This is an important time as these course choices can provide excellent opportunities to challenge yourself or to dive into something you are interested in. Combining the things you enjoy with what you are good at, and something can make money doing, are the essential components of a good career match!

Frequently Asked Questions about Registration


When will I receive my registration packet?

Sophomores will receive course selection materials in their Intro course March 9th or 10th. You will input course selection requests in Skyward during your Intro course March 16th or 17th. We will provide you a course selection folder with helpful information and will assist you with course selection in class.


Where do I access information on course descriptions and graduation requirements?

Go to the course guidebook:  HERE (be sure to choose the correct graduation year- freshmen scroll down to see yours).


Can I take dual enrollment classes?

Yes, 11th grade students can take dual enrollment (college) classes, but you must meet certain requirements to do so.


Can I take all dual enrollment classes and no classes at Central?

No, you must be enrolled in at least one class at Central if you want to take advantage of dual enrollment. We refer to this as your ‘anchor’ class.


If I sign up for classes during registration, can I drop them next year if I change my mind? What if the class interferes with my work schedule?

No. If you register for a class, you will be enrolled in that class.  Class drops are not allowed.


How can I receive some info on course selection, dual enrollment, and career planning?

  1. These topics will all be covered in your Intro course March 9th or 10th.
  2. Email your counselor with questions or make an appointment to see your counselor for additional information.

What happens if I am absent on the day of the registration meeting, Feb. 17th?

See your Inro course teacher for your folder.

 When is the deadline to register?

March 18 


In your course selection folders, you will find a copy of your transcript. This is record of all the courses you have taken for high school credit and the grades earned. You will also see your current GPA (grade point average) and class rank. Colleges use your transcript for admissions selections and scholarship qualifications.

Your transcript also helps you determine classes you have already taken and classes you may need to retake. If you have failed a required class, you will need to retake the course next year or in summer school. Summer school information is announced in May.

All sophomore students will be taking the PreACT again April 6th, this time at the Monument (Civic Center). This is a practice ACT, but in 11th grade you will take the ACT. College admissions representatives and scholarship committees use your ACT score to determine admission and scholarship allocations. This is a great opportunity to improve from your first PreACT by studying with your previous test booklet. You can also create a profile on to access free practice materials.

Have a question? Email us! We are here to help.